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Cache Type Description Tags Status
Configuration Various XML configurations that were collected across modules and merged CONFIG Enabled
Layouts Layout building instructions LAYOUT_GENERAL_CACHE_TAG Enabled
Blocks HTML output Page blocks HTML BLOCK_HTML Enabled
Collections Data Collection data files COLLECTION_DATA Enabled
Reflection Data API interfaces reflection data REFLECTION Enabled
Database DDL operations Results of DDL queries, such as describing tables or indexes DB_DDL Enabled
Compiled Config Compilation configuration COMPILED_CONFIG Enabled
EAV types and attributes Entity types declaration cache EAV Enabled
Customer Notification Customer Notification CUSTOMER_NOTIFICATION Enabled
Integrations Configuration Integration configuration file INTEGRATION Enabled
Integrations API Configuration Integrations API configuration file INTEGRATION_API_CONFIG Enabled
Page Cache Full page caching FPC Enabled
Web Services Configuration REST and SOAP configurations, generated WSDL file WEBSERVICE Enabled
Translations Translation files TRANSLATE Enabled